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This page is to help common questions regarding SportsEngine.

Can you unsubscribe me from EVHA Emails?
Unfortunately, site admins have little control of the user profiles and email settings.  To unsubscribe, please review the following instructions: Unsubscribe  and  Cancel Membership.  If you've completely removed from EVHA and are still receiving emails, please email


I was asked to add a profile so I can receive Team Manager, Coach, or other permissions based roles within Sports Engine. How do i do this?
Sign up as a member for our website by following the Help Page: How to Become a Member of a SportsEngine Website 


I'm interested in EVHA information. How do I add myself to your mailing list?
Sign up as a member for our website by following the Help Page:How to Become a Member of a SportsEngine Website 


How do I download the Sports Engine Mobile App?
Easy!  Just follow the instructions: How to Download the SportsEngine Mobile App 


How do I update my email address?
Email addresses for your profile can be updated following these instructions. How to Update Profile Information | SportsEngine

I can't see my team in the SportsEngine App...
When your team is hosted on the SportsEngine platform, we will assign the profile used to register to the team during the rostering process. If you don't see your team when you login, it's likely that the profile used to register is not the same as you're current login.  Either verify you have logged in with the same profile as you used to register, or ask to be added as a guardian (see below) to the player profile. 


I want someone else to see my player's team and receive info.
SportsEngine uses a concept of Households and Guardians.  If you have an additional family member that you'd like to access the team, please follow the directions to add a Godardian and Update your Household - please note, the association will not add this on your behalf due to privacy policies.


How do I update my payment information?
Go to your Sports Engine profile and the registrations tab where you'll be able to find your registration and update the payment. For detailed directions, please visit: How to Update or Change My Credit Card that is Connected to a Payment Plan - SportsEngine Help Center


How do i find my registration information/receipt?
First, login to SportsEngine, then navigate to your profile by clicking your initials in the upper right, choose "Account Settings" from the drop down, then click "Registrations" from the menu on the left. Alternatively, click go to and pick Eastview Hockey Association from the dropdown for "My Organizations"