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New to Hockey?

There are a lot of misconceptions about hockey…  At EVHA, we never have morning practices during the week and we work hard to avoid late nights for the younger kids.  The investment may not be as steep as you think because of our strong Charitable Gambling organization that keeps costs in check - and we offer low cost hockey for our new players.

Visit our new player page for more information and details on playing hockey - you've got nothing to lose!

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    Our Mission

    Eastview Hockey Association (EVHA) is dedicated to providing a fun and educational experience for the children residing in the Eastview High School Attendance area or who are eligible to play in the EVHA who wish to play ice hockey.

    Our curriculum stresses basic skills, encourages team play and sportsmanship, and strives for fair playing time for all players.

    EVHA COVID Preparedness Page

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    Pull Tabs

    EVHA is funded, in part, by our charitable gambling operations. Please visit our pull-tab locations!

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