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Player Development

Eastview Hockey follows the American Development Model which provides age-appropriate guidelines and curriculum to hockey associations across America to help kids play, love, and excel in hockey. 

EVHA has also created a Player Development Committee (“PDC”) that is leveraged to make hockey related decisions for EVHA in conjunction with the ADM.  

The American Development Model

The USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM) utilizes long-term athlete development (LTAD) principles as its framework.  LTAD principles were developed by internationally renowned coach/educator Istvan Balyi and spelled out in his book, Long-Term Athlete Development.  A research team at USA Hockey took these principles and adapted them to hockey.

One of the USA Hockey ADM principles emphasizes structured practices over games while keeping the time on the ice fun.  Practice plans should used that build skill development through repetition.  Small area games and other drills that give players more time with the puck keep the game fun while kids begin to master skills that help them excel at the game – “play, love, excel.”

Another principle of the ADM recognizes that as children mature, they progress through stages of development.  Maximum development occurs through age-appropriate structure and content.   Certain aspects of these stages must be addressed at the appropriate points along the development curve in order for players to reach their genetic potential.  Developing skills and certain physical and mental attributes at the appropriate times maximize long-term player development.

The ADM, through utilization of LTAD principles, allows us to integrate training, competition and recovery programming with relation to biological development so that player can reach their full potential.  The model makes an athlete out of a child and makes a hockey player out of an athlete.  The ADM offers equal opportunity for recreation and competition – a key to retaining younger players.

Many references to Long-Term Athlete Development are available online, including the book,  Long-Term Athlete Development, by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way and Colin Higgs.

More information regarding the USA Hockey ADM can be found at:

The Player Development Committee

EVHA has created a Player Development Committee (“PDC”) that will be used to make hockey related decisions for EVHA, given the parameters outlined below, and recommendations in other hockey related matters for Approval by the EVHA Board of Directors (“Board”) all for the benefit and improvement of the Association. 


To provide each individual the best possible hockey experience in a fun environment that encourages all players to work hard, improve the physical and mental skills they will need for life advancement, and to build a foundation for success at all levels of the Eastview Hockey program.  In doing so, the PDC will adhere to the American Development Model (“ADM”) adopted by USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey.


The Player Development Committee's Hockey Director (“Director”) currently a position held by Brad DeFauw who oversees the PDC activities.  At the EVHA Board of Directors Meetings, the Director of the PDC will present reports to the Board on an as needed basis.  

The remaining members of the PDC have a high level of experience and are committed to implementing all facets of the ADM.  The most important unified message from the group will be focused on maximizing each individual EVHA player’s hockey development to contribute to the success of the association as a hole. 

The PDC membership includes:

  • Gary Uecker- played at Richfield HS & Concordia-(Moorhead) College
  • Aaron Dwyer- played at Apple Valley HS & St. Cloud State University
  • Bob Goldstrand -played at Richfield HS &  U of M Gophers
  • Pete Desrocher- played at Highland Park HS & St. Mary’s (Winona) College
  • Pat St. Martin- played at Cretin HS & University of St. Thomas
  • Pat Westrum- played at Roosevelt HS, U of M Gophers, 10 year pro career, currently the MN hockey/USA hockey rep. & Montreal NHL scout
  • Brad DeFauw- Board Appointed Director of the PDC, played at Apple Valley HS, University of North Dakota & 8 year pro career
  • Joe Wambeim- (Board/PDC Liaison)   

EVHA Evaluation

The PDC is tasked with evaluating the entire EVHA program using multiple measurements to determine areas of improvement, successes and failures to use in the continued evolution of EVHA hockey.