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New Player Information

Welcome to the Eastview Hockey Association!

Thank you for considering playing with EVHA!  This page details information you need to know as you register your child for hockey.

If you have never played hockey and/or your child is new to the sport, we recommend the following resources:

If your player will be pre-K to 3rd grade, please visit our Mite Page

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please click on the information request at the bottom of the page!

Do you live outside the EVHS Attendance Area?

MN Hockey Rules indicate that players must play within their home attendance area.  We ask that you verify whether or not you are eligible to play with EVHA by reading the Participation Policy. 

If you live outside our attendance area,  contact your home association president to receive a waiver if you intend on playing with EVHA.

Please do not register with EVHA until you have a completed waiver signed by your home association.  Contact your home association for a waiver form: their association president must sign first before EVHA can consider your request.  

Ice and Schedule Expectations

For our full ice scheduling methodology, see: 

Traveling Teams

You can expect 3-6 (sometimes more) events per week depending on age and level.

Practice Ice

Each team will be assigned practice ice by the ice coordinator.  Usually, practice ice will be at the following rinks:

  • Hayes

  • Apple Valley High School

  • Eagan Community Arena

  • St. Thomas Acadamy

  • Cottage Grove

  • Bloomington Ice Gardens

There may be a few other rinks depending on coach practice requests and available ice.


Games will be played throughout the south metro with District 8 West teams.  This ranges from Inver Grove Heights, Rosemount, to Eagan, Lakeville and Farmington.  There are 16 games - 8 home and 8 away.  Away games will be played at the opponent's home ice, home games will usually be played at Hayes or AVHS, but could be at any of the other locations listed above.

Mite Teams

Mites practice and play on Saturday and Sunday mornings usually at Hayes or Apple Valley Sports Arena.  Older levels (2nd and 3rd grade) will have an additional practice mid-week two to four times per month.  

Outdoor Ice

The association receives outdoor ice from the City of Apple Valley.  Between mid-November and late February depending on ice conditions.  Teams are able to sign up for EVHA's allotted slots for no additional charge!  

Dry-land Training for Traveling Players

EVHA does not include dry-land training during the season.  Coaches may decide to add dry-land training.  There are a few facilities used for this including Eagan Ice Arena's off-ice area. 

Birth Certificate Requirement for New and First Year EVHA Players

All first year EVHA players must provide a COPY of their child's Government Issued Birth Certificate at the time of registration.  

How much does hockey cost?

EVHA charges a fixed fee for hockey based on a players level.  Because expenses for mites and younger players are less, there is a nominal annual fee. 

Traveling players fees include:

  • Practice Ice
  • Home Game Ice (Game ice is paid via the home team)
  • Tournaments (up to 3 for Squirts-Bantams, 2 for Jr. Gold)
  • Tryouts

We also recommend budgeting for:

  • Fall Clinic
    Our fall clinic has limited availability and is an add-on to prepare for tryouts
  • USA Hockey Registration
    USA Hockey Registration is required to play hockey and is paid directly to USA Hockey
  • Jerseys
    Traveling players are required to purchase a jersey set.  Jr. Gold players will be offered a loaner jersey, but a damage deposit will be assessed.  Mites are provided jerseys.
  • Non-EVHA Sanctioned Team Extras
    It is possible an individual team may opt to pick up an extra tournament, buy extra ice (not provided by the association), or participate in other non-EVHA sanctioned items.  These expenses will be handled at a team-level via the team manager/coach collaboration.  This is similar to the structure used by other sports (Soccer, as an example).  
  • Travel Expenses
    Traveling teams' tournaments typically include ONE out of town tournament.  Other tournaments are typically within the 7 county metro.

Mite hockey typically costs between $50-$250 per season.  Traveling hockey can cost between $1200-$1800 depending on the team's level.

Jerseys and Equipment Needs


Mites will be provided the appropriate jersey's as part of their registration.  Traveling players will be required to purchase a home and away jersey.   EVHA typically has two ordering windows - one in spring and one in fall.  Watch EVHA's Facebook page and home page news section for these announcements. 


Players must wear their uniform socks at all games.   Socks are not  provided by the association.Traveling players much purchase and wear uniform socks, as well as socks to be worn during practices as uniform socks are not allowed for practice.

Hockey Equipment

Each player must have the following equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Pants
  • Shin Guards
  • Cup & Support
  • Skates
  • Stick

First year mites will receive most items at a significant discount/no cost as an incentive to try hockey.

There is a spring and fall jersey order period.  If you need a jersey and have not reserved your number or ordered your size, please contact the board's Jersey Coordinator. (Board contacts can be found on our board page.)

Volunteer Requirement Overview

The spirit of Eastview Hockey Association is our volunteers. Without the efforts of families contributing many thousands of hours, the EVHA would not exist! We greatly appreciated the work that everyone does to help make this a great hockey experience for our kids.

Every player's family is required to complete volunteer hours to help support the association's operations.  While each year the requirement may change, the typical requirement is five hours per family.

Volunteer Fee

If a family choose not to volunteer, or doesn't meet the requirement, the association will charge a fee.  If you don't intend on volunteering, you may also buy-out your requirement.  

Volunteering Options

There are may ways to help, including clinic and tryout check-in, locker room monitoring, tournament check-ins, team management, booster club participation, and more... 

How To Sign Up For Hours

Our online volunteer system is called "Dibs," and you will be able to sign up for volunteer opportunities and track your participation. 

NOTE: Please keep all your volunteer hours under one "member" account.

Please see our Volunteer Page for our complete volunteer policy.

Other Information

Please review our website for more information about our programs, philosophy, and teams.  If you cannot find an answer to your question, let us know!

Information Request

Information Request