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Mite Program

EVHA Mite Program

Welcome to the Eastview Hockey Association Mite Program page!  Here you will find information pertinent to our Mite Program program.

The EVHA mite hockey program is designed to introduce children to the wonderful sport of hockey, develop basic skating/hockey skills, and of course, to make hockey fun for children and their new friends.  

First Year Players Free!

For the 2018-2019 season, Eastview is offering hockey for free* to all first year mite players.  In the past, we have done try hockey for free events and due to their success we have decided to offer the entire first year free.  This will allow parents to continue to offer hockey to their children throughout the year.   The first time on the ice can be difficult and very challenging which can deter some kids from continuing to give hockey a chance.  So instead of offering a limited window to try it, we're offering the full season.  This will allow you to take a week off here and there instead having the door closed for the season.

You'll still need to register with USA Hockey & Eastview Hockey to participate.  Registration for mites is still OPEN! Please sign up today.

*If you're player is 7 years old or older before 7/1/2018, USA Hockey charges $40 to register to play and Eastview Hockey is unable to cover this fee.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a mite coordinator today.

Eastview Equipment Program

Eastview Hockey offers an equipment package for all first year players.  This package includes all the required equipment except for skates and a stick.  You will have to acquire those on your own.  Many Eastview families have skates leftover from their mite days.  Ask around and see if someone has a spare pair.

To facilitate this, we will be having equipment fittings sometime in September.  We are working to determine the dates as soon as possible.  These fittings will most likely be held at Hayes Arena.

If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Dwyer.

Volunteering - First Year Families

Recently, Eastview Hockey has made some changes to the volunteer requirements and one of the changes affected first year families.

If this is your family's first experience with youth hockey, we are waiving the volunteer requirement.  We want new hockey parents to get an understanding of how the season progresses and to build relationships with other families in your first season versus just completing your hours.  So if you've never had a child participate in youth hockey, you are exempt from the volunteer commitment.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a mite coordinator.

Mite Coaching

We are currently looking for help/coaches at our pre K/Kindergarten level. If you are interested in being a helper or a coach please register with EVHA. No experience is necessary to become a coach or an on ice helper but you do need your CEP level 1 through USA Hockey

If you have any questions please let us know.

PDC (contact Brad Defauw)

Mite & EVHA News

Incoming Squirt and u10 Jersey Number Selection - NOW AVAILABLE

By Jersey Coordinator 03/23/2019, 9:45am CDT

Choose your number today!


Mite Levels for 2018

Groups will be divided primarily by age with a few exceptions.  Here is a quick breakdown:

Rookie Hockey: All Pre-K and Kindergarten - Group Contact:  Brad Defauw

Intermediate Level 1:  All  1st Graders - Group Contact: Laura Slominski

Intermediate Level 2:  All new 2nd  graders and first year 3rd graders  - Group Contact:  Matt Adams

3rd Grade: All experienced 3rd Graders - Group Contact: Laura Slominski & Brad Defauw

Girls U8:  All experienced 2nd & 3rd grade girls - Group Contact: Laura Slominski & Brad Defauw

Note:  If you're child is old for their grade, please contact us.  We may need to move them based on birth date.

Please reach out to Matt Adams or Aaron Dwyer with questions

Do you need equipment?

EVHA provides equipment for all first year skaters.  If your child missed one of the fitting sessions.  Please contact us to make sure they get fitted for proper equipment.

Mite Contacts

Aaron Dwyer

Mite Coordinator

Matt Adams

Mite Contact

For a full calendar view of events, click "View All" at the bottom of this list.


The Mite Jamboree will be held at Hayes outdoor ice rink this winter.

This event typically starts at 12:30pm.  

Date and additional details to come!

FAQ's About The Mite Program

1) When is the mite hockey season?

Mites will play from November through the beginning of March.

 2)  What days of the week do mites play?

Mites will play indoors on Saturday and Sunday each week, and on occasional weeknights when there is outside ice.

3)  Where will the practices be held?

Most of the indoor practices will be held at the Hayes Ice Arena in Apple Valley or at the Apple Valley Sports Arena (AVSA) attached to Apple Valley High School.

 4)  What is the cost of mite hockey?

Mite hockey costs are kept as low as possible so young players can try hockey to see if they like it.  The registration fee is $145 for returning mites (prior to early registration deadline).  All players must register with USA Hockey before registering with EHVA.  The USA Hockey fees are $50 or FREE depending on birth date.   First year mites receive a free equipment package that includes most items except for skates, stick, and mouth guard (see itemized list handout).

5) Do the boys and girls play together?

The girls have a choice. They can either play on a team of boys and girls, or they can register for the “all girls” team(s). The “all-girls” option is offered to make hockey more appealing to young girls.  The girl mite teams will share ice time with regular mite teams (as all mite teams do) but the ice will be divided and the practices will be conducted independently.

6) What will beginner mites learn?

The emphasis of the mite program is on the development of skating/hockey skills and less on playing structured hockey games.   A typical practice might have 5-10 minutes of warm up, 30 minutes of skills training, and 20 minutes of in-house scrimmage against other mites of a similar skill level.  The games are informal and the mites are not allowed to check.  Beginner mites will also play tag and other games that will be used to emphasize skating and having fun.

7) What if my son or daughter has not skated before?

Many first year mites are new to skates.  Mites that are learning to skate will be placed on teams with other beginning skaters and will learn to skate together.

 8) How many mites are on each team?

There will be about 11-15 mites on each team.  Mite teams will share the ice with other mite teams at practice.