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Valkyrie Co-op Information

A partnership between Apple Valley, Burnsville, and Eastview Hockey

To help ensure we have enough players to form adequate level teams, the Apple Valley, Burnsville, and Eastview Hockey associations have joined together to form The Southside Valkyries!

Season Registration

We wanted to highlight the registration process for EVHA players who are playing in the Co-op:

  • Register through our EVHA website (or your home association's site)
  • EVHA Valkyrie player fees are listed on our fee page.
  • You will be asked to register on our new Valkyries website, once available.  This is a FREE registration, but is required to allow rostering and communications. 

Please look out for more details, but in the interim if you have questions please contact our girls coordinators.

Fall Camp

  • Fall camp information will be provided soon!