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Refund Policy


(Updated July 24, 2020)

EVHA Registration Fee Refund Policy 

Refunds may be provided for portions of season registration fees with the exception of USA Hockey & MN Hockey fees. In order to be eligible, you must provide written notice to the EVHA registrar, prior to the start of our tryouts for traveling players (Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, U10 and up), and first event for mite players. 

Injuries, although rare, are a part of the game of hockey and are not approved reasons for receiving a refund. 

The EVHA Board reserves the right to refund members in the event of a catastrophic event (death of a family member, life threatening disease of player, etc.), or other circumstances that the Board may determine a separate action.  Refund requests must be to the board treasurer for consideration and facilitation of board-level approval.


Team or Group Activities Refunds 

An individual player's team costs are based on estimated total cost of all team expenses divided by the set number of players per team. This includes additional ice purchased by the team,  team parties, hospitality rooms, hotel rooms (above those paid by EVHA) and other costs.  

The Eastview Hockey Association will not provide team cost refunds to injured or quitting players. Team costs must be covered by the entire remaining team members in some fashion. 

If a player is injured or quits during the course of the season, the EVHA team refund policy is to allow the team to decide the most appropriate course of action. EVHA assumes the team and team manager will provide a fair and reasonable relief or refund to families that quit or have season ending injuries for the team or group activities portion of their fees. 


2020 COVID-19 Policy

For the 2020-2021 season, should there be a COVID 19 cancellation of the season or a portion of the season by government units, including the cities that host our arenas, or Minnesota or USA Hockey, the EVHA board will work to determine an appropriate pro-rated refund based on refunds available from our vendors and the length of time of the closure.