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MH Hockey COVID Rule Update

By COVID COMMITTEE, 10/28/20, 11:30PM CDT


Earlier this week (Oct 26) MN Hockey conducted a special board meeting which resulted in new COVID-19 rule changes.  These rules have been put in place to help preserve our season.  Local and State officials ultimately will determine if we can play this season. 

We ask that you be familiar with these rules as the penalties are steep for not complying.

Face Covering Enforcement:   Coaches without masks will receive a verbal warning on the first offense, a three-game suspension for a second (including all on-ice activities until 3 games are served), and a 30 day suspension for a 3rd violation.  EVHA may also be sanctioned for multiple mask violations.

Quarantine Enforcement: If the Minnesota Department of Health policies call for quarantine (positive test, close contact, etc.) of a player, that player is considered ineligible to participate for the duration of the quarantine.   If a player is found playing while under quarantine, ineligible player rules will be enforced which means the whole team would be ineligible for District Region, and state tournaments, and the head coach will be suspended for the remainder of the season. 

Bench Rules: A maximum of two coaches are allowed on the bench for all levels, and only active players (not injured) are allowed on the bench.  If a player is injured and not in gear, they cannot be on the bench.  (Additionally, while not a new rule, but please know all on-ice celebrations and huddles are also disallowed.)

Banquets: No banquets will be allowed for the Region and State Tournaments.  (Please remember our strong recommendation to not have team parties or gatherings this season, as well, given the consequences if the team is exposed.)


With these rules, as well as recent updates in guidance from USA Hockey in their Return to Play plan,  EVHA also has an updated Preparedness Plan updated uploaded to our COVID-19 page.

A bit of good news - Rink Managers have let us know that rinks will remain open if District 196 goes into a distance learning scenario and/or High School Sports are paused.  Rinks will only close if MN Hockey or State/Local officials mandate pausing hockey or shutting down sports arenas.  

With the rise in COVID cases in our area, we want everyone to remain healthy and safe, and ask for your full cooperation in following the guidance and rules set forth to help protect our kids and families, as well as the ability to participate in hockey.

Thank you for your cooperation!

EVHA COVID-19 Committee