The spirit of Eastview Hockey Association is our volunteers. Without the efforts of families contributing many thousands of hours, the EVHA would not exist! We greatly appreciate the work that everyone does to help make this a great hockey experience for our kids.

Every player's family is usually required to complete FIVE volunteer hours to help support the association's operations.  The requirement may change from year to year, the typical requirement is five hours per family.

Volunteer Fee

If a family chooses not to volunteer, or doesn't meet the requirement, the association will charge a fee of $300 at the end of January.  If the fee is not paid, your player will be ineligible to play in District Playoffs.  If you don't intend on volunteering, you may also buy-out your requirement for $250.

Volunteering Options

There are many ways to help, including clinic and tryout check-in, locker room monitoring, tournament check-ins, team management, booster club participation, and more...

How To Sign Up For Hours

When volunteer hours become available, we will post them on DIBS on this website.  When there, find a time you'd like to volunteer and sign up!

Note:  All single/multiple player families with a returning player must meet this requirement. Families with only a Jr Gold level player, completely new to the association, or a co-op waive in are exempt.