Attendance Area Requirements


NOTE: District 196 High School Boundary changes may have impacted your home association.  The attendance search has been updated to reflect the appropriate boundaries. 

  • If you are now within EVHS boundaries, you are not required to complete a waiver to play with EVHA. 
  • If you are not within the EVHS boundaries, you are required to complete a waiver to play with EVHA. 
  • Additionally, if you waive in, you will be required to have a NEW Hockey School Attendance waiver any time you switch schools (Elementary to Middle, Middle to High)

MN Hockey Rules indicate that players must play in the association within their high school attendance area, in the case of EVHA that is the Eastview High School attendance area.

MN Hockey Participation Rule

PLEASE VERIFY YOUR HIGH SCHOOL ATTENANCE AREA by checking your attendance area via the District 196 Attendance Area Locator tool.

Then check if you are eligible to play with EVHA by reading the EVHA Participation Policy



  • If you live outside our attendance area and want to waive into EVHA:
    • If you already have a School Attendance Waiver, you only need to refresh it if you move, otherwise:
    • Please contact your home association president to receive a waiver. The process starts with your HOME association.   Please do not register with EVHA until you have a completed waiver signed by your home association.  Contact your home association for a waiver form: their association president must sign first before EVHA can consider your request.
  • If you live inside our attendance area and want to waive out of EVHA:
    • If you already have a school waiver, you only need to refresh that waiver when you move.
    • Please contact for more information.
  • If you have other circumstances in which you would like to waive-out of EVHA, please note we generally only accept school attendance waivers or no team waivers.  Please contact to start your request.

Birth Certificate Requirement

If this is your first time playing for EVHA, players MUST provide a copy of their government issued birth certificate to our registrar prior to your participation.  This is a requirement of Minnesota and USA Hockey.   Instructions on how to submit a copy will be presented during the registration process.

Questions?  Email for more information.

Age Requirement

EVHA recommends children that will not turn 5 before January 1 of the season enter a learn to skate program rather than participate in hockey.  While we provide skate training, players would be better served by a true learn to skate program.  

If you would like to discuss an exception, please contact our mite coordinator as listed on our board contact page: