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EVHA Raffle Winners

By EVHA, 02/10/16, 7:30PM CST


Did you win?

EVHA would like to thank Pascal Dalseth, the Raffle Committee, and all of the Booster Club members for your hard work.  Our raffle night was a huge success!

Winners are posted below.  (You are able to sort the columns by clicking the up/down arrow to the right of the column names)

Raffle # Prize Winner
3009 $1000 Carol Connelly
2234 $500 Mona Melley
1112 $250 Mike/Chris Walker
5169 Castle Rock Bank $50 Lance Allred
1631 Valley GMC Oil Change Teresa Stadem
2428 Valley GMC Oil Change Katie Wagner
2349 Culver Custard Noah Hansen
5707 Great Clips Lech Lieu
3690 Great Clips Ginger Singer
137 Visa Gift card $25 Scott Keefer
16 Ear Buds Norlin
14 Legends Sweatshirt Norlin
953 Playbulb Speaker Maloney
1621 Burnsville Chiro Greg Banko
5979 Ear Buds Beth Kalin
4054 Ear Buds Mike Bachman
3036 Nothing Bundt Cake Wade/Kim Bergland
6186 Lili Nails Benolken
3983 Lili Nails Gloria Sonnen
2971 Lili Nails Brett Miller
1480 Lili Nails Heather Ramey
4049 Tide Cleaners Tara Fonseca
1028 Bonfe Furnace Tune Uup Dave Farrington
746 Fire Side Gift Card Sandy Spratt
6090 Caribou Gift Card Shannon
7294 Fire Side Gift Card Eric Albright
5117 De Gidio's Gift Card Dan Peterson
6396 De Gidio's Gift Card Tarryl Olson
5269 Excel Gardens Gift Card Sydney Berris
291 Excel Gardens Gift Card Amy Mailhot
1605 Yogurt lab Gift Card Darren Wandersee
3336 Masu Gift Card Eric Michaelson
241 Lulu Lemon Yoga Class Lon Spiegelberg
3056 Blanket Josh Kuhn
4307 Cellars Wine Gift Card Lynn Shaw
673 Von Hansons GC Karla Kelley
735 Von Hansons GC Scott Wazalowski
3433 Kalli's Popcorn GC Roald Fuglastad
6107 Carbone's GC Molly Hobbs
1549 Conquer Ninja Warrior GC Nadine Johnson-Solberg
3443 Discover Family Chiro GC Mark Farrington
927 Briannos GC Diane Van Pelt
712 Pahl's GC Jan Speer
595 Pizza Pazzazz Jennifer Dalseth
346 Burnsville Dentist K Griffitts
2666 A.V. American Legion GC Krista Pearson
2793 Green Mill GC Daniel Crouch
5624 Case of Paper Chris Horde
5050 Case of Paper Carol Saks
7042 Case of Paper Beth Downs
3477 Case of Paper Marlys Roberts
7377 Start Your Engine Gift Basket Ryan Wooten
3391 Bogart's GC Joe Bodnar
981 Bogart's GC Williams
552 Bogart's GC Julie Cochran
2972 Bogart's GC kate Busse
497 Bogart's GC Jeff Benadum
871 Bogart's GC Mike Kagan
1068 Bogart's GC Tim Terras
5230 Bogart's GC Laurie Kinney
677 Bogart's GC karla Kelley
2420 Bogart's GC Mark Wanous
1731 Bogart's GC Rhonda Eisenbeis
4166 Bogart's GC June Olson
1408 Bogart's GC Camille Gallagher
3870 Bogart's GC Dianne Riley
4027 Bogart's GC Ken Davis
2041 Bogart's GC Christian
5446 Bogart's GC Sam Cherevatsky
1607 Bogart's GC Shannon Brend
1319 Bogart's GC Thomas Schwalbe
2882 Bogart's GC Kara Maurer

 If you did not provide an address on your raffle ticket, you will need to contact Pascal Dalseth to arrange a pickup.  Large items will not be mailed.

Pascal Dalseth