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    EVHA Picture Dates

    11/11 at SHMS

    7:00-7:30: BB2 & PWC

    7:30-8:00: U12A & U12B  BB2 & PWC

    8:00-8:30: PWA & PWB1


    11/17 at FRMS

    7:00-7:30: SQC White & SQC Blue

    7:30-8:00: 10UA & 10UB

    8:00-8:30: SA & SB


    11/25 at SHMS

    7:00-7:30: BA 

    7:30-8:00: U14A

    8:00-8:30: BB1


    MITES 12/4 at SHMS (Teams to be assigned in early November)








    Thanks to all our mite families who came out to have fun and learn more about Eastview Youth Hockey!

    Important Information Prior to Registering your Player

    This message is a reminder to any Eastview Hockey families who may live outside the Eastview High School attendance boundaries.  In order for your child to play hockey within EVHA, you are required to obtain a waiver from the hockey association you would normally be assigned to play based on the high school boundaries and your home address (referred to as your “Home Association”).  It is important to get the waiver form completed prior to registering a player for Eastview Hockey.  The waiver should be obtained from your Home Association.

    Please keep in mind that your Home Association is defined based on your home address.  It does not matter what school your child attends today or will attend in the future.  It also does not matter if you have played EVHA or EVAA sports in the past or plan to in the future.   If you are unsure of the high school your home address is assigned to, you can check at http://district196.org/District/EducationSchools/Boundary_Search.cfm

    Waiver forms are generally available at Hayes Arena in one of the EVHA mail slots near the zamboni door.  Once you fill out the waiver form, it should be submitted to your assigned Home Association.  If the Home Association approves and signs your waiver, the waiver form should then be provided to Amy Hutsell, EVHA’s administrator (admin@eastviewhockey.net).  The EVHA President will then review the waiver and sign it if appropriate.  

    A player denied a waiver by his/her Home Association may appeal in writing to the District 8 Director, who after investigation will issue a ruling. The decision of the District 8 Director is final.

    If you have specific questions on the policy set by Minnesota Hockey or how your individual situation is impacted, please contact Renee Swenson, our Registrar at: registrar@eastviewhockey.net or Amy Hutsell at admin@eastviewhockey.net.  EVHA has recently communicated with several nearby hockey associations regarding the waiver process, and it is important to take action soon so that the process gets completed and does not interfere with registration, tryouts, etc.

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