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Welcome to EVHA!

EVHA Summer Programs

Our mite program has filled.  You can register for our wait list.

Space is limited on our traveling and goalie programs.

If you're looking for dryland training opportunities for your 6th-9th grader, we suggest the Youth Training via the high school. 

Find out more  and reserve your player's spot today!

HP 14/15 Program

District 8 is hosting an HP 14/15 program again this year, which is for girls born in 2001 and 2002.  MN Hockey has sent an email to all of the MN Hockey registered players, however some players weren't contacted and may be interested.  Please Sign up by May 17th!

This program was held in District 8 last year and District 8 received very positive feedback. The ice time for the evaluation sessions is noted below and fall sessions are still being scheduled. The fall sessions will be during the month of September at various days of the week and times. To learn more about the Girls HP 14/15 program go to www.minnesotahockey.org and click on the drop-down for Reebok HIGH PERFORMANCE, then HP Girls 14/15. The registration link for the evaluation (tryout) sessions is on that page. Registration cost is between $80 - $85.

The evaluations for the Reebok MN Hockey HP Girls 14/15 (birth year 2001 & 2002) are scheduled for the end of May, beginning of June.

Sunday May 31st - 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm Cottage Grove Ice Arena
Sunday June 7th - 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Cottage Grove Ice Arena

Please let Jeff Daggit know if you have any other questions.

Jeff Daggit

CCM MN Hockey HP 14/15 Fall Girls Program

End of Season Summary

A Message from Mike Schoonover:

As one of my last responsibilities as President, I am honored to share with you a few important items as we wrap up the 2014-2015 season:

Teams Successful in District & Year End Tournaments

  • Bantam AA finished 3rd in D8 and were crowned Champions in the D8 Tournament.  The boys went on to  finish 3rd in regions.  This is the best finish for an EVHA boys’ team!
  • Bantam B1 finished 3rd in league play
  • Peewee AA finished 2nd in D8 and took 2nd in the D8 Tournament, which included a 5 overtime victory over LVS.
  • Peewee C finished 1st in D8 and 3rd in the D8 Tournament.
  • Squirt B finished 2nd in D8.              
  • Squirt C White finished 2nd D8.
  • Squirt C Blue won the consolation championship in the D8 tournament.
  • 10UA had a strong year with a 1st place finish in D8 and being Champions of the D8 Tournament.                                               
  • 10UB finished 3rd in D8 and took 3rd place in the D8 tournament.  Impressive considering the 1st, 2nd, and 4th place teams do not have an A team.
  • EVHS Boys and Girls advanced to the section final.  The boys lost a heart breaker to STA.  The girls won the section and advanced to State for the first time ever and finishing 6th.

Congratulations to the following teams for retaining 16/16 fair play points throughout the season:

10UA, 12UA, 12UB, PWB1, PWC, SQA, SQB, SQC-White, SQC-Blue

Player Development Committee (PDC)

Our success on the ice is due to the commitment of our players, coaches and parents.  The player development committee (PDC) and the Board will meet and review the season.  We will identify strengths and weaknesses and determine the needs of the association.  The addition of summer programs, goalie training, and hockey specific dryland/cross fit over the past year has a positive effect on our players.  We will continue to evaluate and adjust accordingly to give our players the best opportunities for success. 

We’ve already made an investment for the coming year by purchasing divider boards at Hayes.  We now have 2 small rinks which makes it easier for our players to develop with small game activities.

Board Elections

Congratulations to Scott Calvert and Renee Swenson for being re-elected, and to Doug Gross,  Jim  Moline and  Pascal Dalseth on your election to the Board.  Welcome to the Board!

Special Thanks to Matt Johnson, Tom Keating and Wade Berglund for their dedication, time and energy on the Board of Directors.

Best wishes to the incoming Executive committee; Dave Leach-President, Brent Cameron-Vice President, Kelly Griffitts-Secretary, and Dave Kisch-Treasurer.  Thank you for your leadership!

We are pleased to announce we had 72% participation in the board election.  Thank you to everyone who voted. 

Year End Survey

The survey is now available via this link: EVHA-Year-End-2015.  Please make sure you take the time to fill it for each one of your players.  The Board uses the information from the survey at our annual strategic planning session in May.  Please let us know what you like and what you do not like.  We’ve made changes based on survey results in the past.  The survey will be available until mid-April.

Thank You

It’s been an honor to be able to serve as President of EVHA.  We are fortunate to have so many dedicated parents, volunteers and supporters.  I’ve been told so many times from others outside the association that EVHA is one of the most respected associations in the State.  That is quite a compliment considering the quality associations in the State.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to support our family and honor Patrick.  We are forever grateful and truly appreciate everything that’s been done on our behalf.

Have a great summer!


Team Highlights

Gold Mites

The first year of 3rd grade girl mites was a great season!  The girls participated in the Lakeville/Westwood Turkey Cup, Woodbury Jamboree, Bloomington Mite Jamboree, as well as scrimmaging neighboring U8 teams.  A highlight of the season was when the girls scrimmaged at intermission at a Gopher Women’s Hockey game, and met co-captain Rachael Bona after the game!   

Bantam AA

Team volunteered in The Sandwich Project Minnesota and made sandwiches for those less fortunate.

District 8 Champions going in as a 3 seed.  Beating #1 Sibley Area twice.

Third place in East Regional going in as the 6th seed.  Beat STMA twice and White Bear Lake before losing to state qualifier Wayzata twice.

Eastview U10A
The Eastview U10A hockey team had a season to remember by winning the District 8 regular season, District 8 playoffs, and three out-of-town tournaments:
  • Heartbreaker Classic in St. Paul
  • “Star of the North” in Grand Rapids
  • “Sugar & Spice” in Hastings
The U10A Lightening finished the season with a 34-4-1 record. The team scored 156 goals, with only 49 goals allowed and had 12 shut outs. Head coach Burke DeBoom credits his team’s chemistry for the successful season.  “As coaches, we watched the girls make great strides not only in their skill development, but also in becoming a team and playing hard for one another,” DeBoom said. “These girls are the pride of the program and the coaches and I are proud of their attitude, effort, and accomplishments.”

As the season ends....

Big Advice - A Bantam Parent Reflects

It's over.    All done.   Yesterday, I watched my second-year Bantam play his last ever youth travel hockey game.   Yes, he will go on to bigger and better things in high school hockey and I'm excited for what the future has in store for his hockey career.

But what I wasn't prepared for was how hard and how incredibly emotional it would be to say goodbye to youth hockey.  How did it end so quickly?   Where did the years go?

There was a mite game on the ice before our championship game yesterday. The players were so little and cute and it made me reflect on just how much this sport has been a part of not just my son's life but our family's life. I remember the days when my goalie was shorter than the net and the team could hardly see over the boards even though they were standing up.   Wasn't that just yesterday?    Who is this big, smelly, goofy man-child that lives in his room now?

So my advice to you is this....embrace every single moment of today.   When the alarm goes off at 5 am and you're driving to the rink when it is still dark, remember that this is not forever.   The early practices, the long days in cold, smelly rinks sitting on hard benches, the occasional bad ref or pain-in-the-rear parent....those things don't matter.    They're the insignificant part of what you are doing right now.

Right now you're making memories that will last a lifetime.   You're forging bonds with other families that will be like no other friendship in your life.  Hockey family isn't LIKE family...it IS family.  You will spend countless hours in rinks and cars and hotels with them. You will celebrate holidays and birthdays with them.   You will support each other through life tragedies.  You will love them like your own brothers and sisters.    Get to know them.   It will be worth it, I promise.

Right now, you're teaching your son or daughter important life lessons.   He's learning how to be a good player and a good teammate and a decent human being.   Set a good example.   Don't cut down his teammates and coaches.  It poisons his mind with negativity that isn't conducive to being a good teammate.  Don't scream at the refs.  Most of them know the game better than you and even if they don't, it embarrasses your child.   They will never say it to you, but they cringe and avoid eye contact with their teammates every time your voice rings out across the rink.  (This is one I wish I had been better at myself).  Don't dissect his every move after every game.   All they need to hear from you is that you love to watch them play.   If they want your input, they will ask for it.   Keep your feedback positive.  Let the coaches coach.  Let the refs ref.  Let your player play.

Right now you're getting a unique opportunity to spend sequestered time with your family.    You'll spend hours in the car together.   You'll have down time in cities you may not have otherwise visited, if not for hockey.   Spend that time wisely.   Talk to each other in the car rather than burying yourselves in electronics.  You'll be amazed at the conversations that will occur if you unplug everyone for a while.  Go see some things while you're there.   The games are important, but so is allowing your child to see new places and experience new things.   Push yourself out of your comfort zone or your current interests and see what the local area has to offer.   Go see the giant ball of twine or tour the local microbrewery.  Open your mind and give things a chance that you may not have otherwise explored.  And take the team.   It is a great bonding opportunity.   When a team becomes a team, they play FOR each other, not WITH each other.

Most importantly, just keep it all in perspective.   There will be politics, there will be coaching challenges, there will be bad refs, there will be heartbreaking losses, there will be parental drama.   All of that is unfortunately part of the package. Don't focus your energy on those things.   Focus on the good stuff.  The friendships and the sportsmanship and the fun.  Those are the things that matter. Only the seeds that you water will grow.  Water the good ones!

From: http://hockeygoalieparents.blogspot.com/2015/03/big-advice-bantam-parent-reflects.html?m=1

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